Many factors combine to create a successful company. Leadership and shared vision are key, and at Whitestone Hospitality, every associate understands our mission and values and how they fit into our goal of meeting Brand standards. We have developed a structure that not only delivers exceptional customer service, but that ensures profitability through a focus on efficient systems, accountability, and cost control.

Mission: Whitestone Hospitality is dedicated to developing and operating premium branded select and full service hotels with a commitment to profitability, professionalism and service.


At Whitestone, our focus is on people – those we serve, and those who help us serve. With our valued employees, we create a “home away from home” for our guests through an environment that encourages and recognizes excellent service and that rewards our team for their work. Our guests recognize and appreciate our collective effort, leading to expressed gratitude that enhances employee satisfaction and that ensures guests will return to enjoy our hospitality.


By understanding our goals as a company, our employees contribute to our success. Understanding their responsibilities helps our team members ensure that we always meet or exceed the expectations and desires of our guests. Our training programs for staff and the opportunities we provide to them to grow within our organization creates a culture of confidence that leads to satisfaction for everyone who comes in contact with our properties and our services.


As a company, we are accountable to many: the Brands we represent, the employees we support, our investment partners, and the guests who frequent our hotels. Our employees are empowered to take ownership of their roles in our structure and to take pride in their actions. The responsibility we place on them and that they gladly shoulder leads to accountability that raises the level of our overall performance and success.


At Whitestone, we proudly lead the industry by focusing on continuous improvement and innovations in technologies and services. We welcome new ideas and creative solutions that take into account changes in our industry, and we work hard to adapt seamlessly to new processes and concepts, while remaining loyal to the heritage that provides our strong foundation.


In the hospitality industry, nothing gets you farther than treating guests with respect and kindness. Our core value of respect permeates everything we do: from how we treat our employees and partners to how our employees service our guests and care for our environments. We strive to make guests feel welcomed and special from the moment they arrive until they depart with our wish that they visit us again soon.


A commitment to professionalism is apparent with every engagement, from the cleanliness of our properties to the appearance and attitudes of our team members. As a company we strive to achieve the highest standards in both the spoken and unspoken ways we communicate about who we are. Our individual behaviors, industry presentation, and individual interactions are a testament to our collective vision of portraying professionalism in all that we do.